ADHD (or Adderall)

  • “AC/DC” (CBD dominant)

Terpenes: myrcene dominant

This strain will be repeated for other popular medical issues that people have, but it is good for patients who are prone to anxiety because it is CBD dominant. This strain is good for pain, muscle inflammation, addiction, stress, and asthma.

  • “Cinex” (aka Cenex; THC dominant)

Terpenes: limonene (dominant), caryophyllene, and pinene

The top effect that is reported from this strain is energy. This would be a great replacement for Adderall, but patients should take caution if they are prone to anxiety because of the high THC content. I would recommend trying it in smaller doses.

  • Sour Diesel (THC dominant)

Terpenes: caryophyllene (dominant), limonene, and myrcene

This is another strain that was reported to bring a lot of energizing effects, but again should be tested in smaller amounts because of its higher THC content.

  • Green Crack (THC dominant)

Terpenes: myrcene (dominant), caryophyllene, ocimene

This is another energetic reported strain that can reduce fatigue, stress, and depression all while not making you super sleepy.

  • Harlequin (THC:CBD balance)

Terpenes: myrcene (dominant), pinene, caryophyllene

This strain would be good for an Adderall replacement because it has been reported to give more focus and energy. Because this strain is more balanced between CBD and THC, it means that it is safe for our anxiety-prone patients, and it is also really good for treating pain.